Manuel Schuen

Manuel Schuen, born in South Tyrol, Italy. Studies in Church Music and in Organ with Professor Roman Summereder at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. In 2009 Diploma in Church Music with distinguished success. Specialization in Choir Direction (Professor Erwin Ortner and Ingrun Fussenegger) and Voice (Professor Margit Klaushofer). In 2011 Master of Organ, passed with distinction. Post graduate studys in Organ with Professor Pier Damiano Peretti.
Prizes at the International Organ Competitions “Gaetano Callido” in Borca di Cadore, Italy (2005), “Daniel Herz” in Brixen, Italy (2012), “Schnitger” in Alkmaar, Holland (2015) and “Paul Hofhaimer” in Innsbruck, Austria (2016).
Since 2006 Choirmaster of the “Unisono Chor Wien” and member of the “Arnold Schönberg Chor Wien” under Erwin Ortner.
Since 2008 Organist and Director of Church Music at the historic Sieber Organ (1714) at St. Michael’s, Vienna. Conductor of the “Ensemble Vox Archangeli” and the “Chorus Michaelis”.
Since October 2013 Senior lecturer for Early Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.